Welcome to the Creative 3D Web (C3DW).

Our ongoing mission is to continue to close the digital divide, finding the technological link between the physical & virtual space, we call it the virtual 3D web (3DWeb). We believe that soon people will use the web in a completely new way, and we will provide the technology that will facilitate it. Imagine the new distribution and communication network that will be created, users will walk on the web instead of surfing it and experience it instead of scrolling or clicking through it.
Websites will be replaced with fully interactive and immersive virtual ‘web spaces’, people will be exposed to avatar brand marketing and interact with friends, family and business colleagues in new visceral & intuitive ways. Richer, more creative and collaborative forms of community will evolve to fill a niche. Customization and personalization features along with highly visual and audio experiences will result in experiencing a website as if you had stepped into it.
The owner and Founder Dion Croom is a virtual-world pioneer and visionary in avatar digital media and its use in translating virtual world branding into real world application that benefits society at large through its integration within day to day life.
His dream has been to design virtual world applications which have positive societal impact and benefit. His motivation for wanting to make a difference using virtual world technology stems from his experiences working on schemes in the UK to increase adoption and use of ICT in disadvantaged communities in the late 1990’s.
We at C3DW like to think of ourselves as marketing technologists because everything we build on the 3D web incorporates deep marketing insight so that we create products and services which genuinely meet customer needs. We’re all about increasing social contact and our environments are built to generate and support communities that will provide people with a new means of connecting. We firmly believe that in a few more years, everybody will walk around cyberspace as an avatar* with true digital identities connected to real people.

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