Viora-Virtual Business Meetings


VIORA collaboration solution is the perfect compromise between conference calls and expensive business trips. The users are able to enter the virtual environments from their home or office, using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. The cloud-based platform provides unique virtual meeting spaces with immersive collaborative environment capabilities. Employees, partners and clients, living in different countries, will have higher interaction opportunities by participating in such virtual meetings enabling them to be more engaged with your brand and products.

VIORA Is A Cloud-Based Online Collaboration Solution For Holding Meetings, Events And Training Activities Involving A Group Of People Who Need To Interact And Meet In The Same Virtual Place.

The Future of Virtual Meetings

virtual collaborative web spaces include different customizable immersive environments (smart office, meeting room, auditorium), designed to answer all conferencing needs of our users, to conduct productive meetings and to present new products or ideas, creating an efficient virtual interactive space. These spaces allow participants to put their ideas on the wall during a meeting to see what sticks allowing you to organise, and save the most promising proposals at the click of a button. Avatars can make presentations to one another, socialise, debate, or examine ideas and 3D objects from all angles. Collaboration has now become more efficient and effective,
saving users time, money and unnecessary  frustration.

Any Device

 Boosts Connectivity & Productivity

Businesses can extend their online presence with a 3D online collaborative meeting space, enabling partners, clients and employees to collaborate in a fully interactive and immersive virtual space, where they will be able to share ideas and presentations or any other content:

  • Hold large events online

  • Enable employees to experience work in a much more
    engaging and productive way

  • Social interactions in real-time between the users

  • Plan and execute marketing activities

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